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Recommended for F1 inside knowledge!
Steve Taylor
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Amazing course content with very patient instructor. Thanks Motorsport Engineer!
Really interesting
Sergio Rodrigues
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Thank you to Motorsport Engineer for delivering such great course. It was really interesting and I learnt exactly what I was looking for in the field of Composites.
Piero di Maria
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I always wanted to deepen my knowledge in design and composites and this course was the perfect blend of both. Fully recommended!

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Pablo Romero

Having completed two BSc's in Spain and Denmark, Pablo would move to the UK to complete an MSc in Motorsport Engineering at Oxford Brookes University. Upon graduating, Pablo managed to land a job at Renault F1 as a Composite Design Engineer, before fulfilling the equivalent role at McLaren F1 in 2019. After 3 years in Formula 1, Pablo would move across to the Automotive sector with Gordon Murray Design, before joining up with the newly founded ARRIVAL where he works to this day.
Pablo worked for...

Course curriculum

Pablo tells us about his course
A conversation with Pablo Romero (full version)

  • Message from the Instructor
  • My Professional Background
  • Course Overview
  • What is a Composite?
  • Benefits of Composites in Motorsport
  • A Brief History
  • General Manufacturing Techniques
  • Most Common Materials/Arrangements
  • Module Summary
  • Team Structure
  • Design Office Structure
  • Responsibilities & Liaising With Others
  • Module Summary
  • Design Process – Aero to Production
  • Parts Modelling
  • Production Process
  • Fasteners
  • Drawings
  • Fixing Faults & Repairs
  • Module Summary
  • Composite Parts Classification
  • Design Iterations – Stress
  • Manufacturing & Inspection
  • Parts Validation – R&D
  • Failure Examples
  • Module Summary
  • Laminate Drawings
  • Ply Table & Orientations
  • Schematics & Staggering
  • Operations & Cure Cycles
  • Module Summary
  • Introduction
  • Component Modelling
  • Moulds Modelling
  • Patterns Modelling
  • Module Summary
  • Academic Studies
  • Work Experiences
  • A Typical Job Description
  • Job Description Breakdown
  • Module Summary

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