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Adrian Villar

F1 Aerodyamics Engineer

Adrian completed his dissertation with Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg and has worked as an Aerodynamics Engineer for multiple F1 teams, including Caterham F1 and Manor Racing. In 2017 he took on a new challenge at Dyson Automotive. In 2020 he started his own technical consulting company VFluid Technology.

Education: BSc Mechanical Engineering (Universidad Simón Bolívar)
MSc (Hons) Motorsport Engineering (Oxford Brookes University)

Adrian is the course leader for Introduction to Race Car Aerodynamics.

Adrian has worked for:

Andra Mantighian

CFD Engineer

Andra has worked as a CFD engineer in the automotive sector, focusing on thermal management, internal/external aerodynamics and power electronics simulations. 

Education: BSc (Hons) in Aerospace Structures (Politehnica University of Bucharest)
MSc Race Car Aerodynamics (University of Southampton)

Andra is the course leader for Numerical Methods in CFD

Andra has worked for:

Amber Nelson

F1 Test & Development Engineer​

Amber worked for Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team as a Test and Development Engineer. In 2021, she began working at Evolve and Anode as Strategy and Partnerships Manager, where her role focuses on sustainable engineering solutions through technology and innovation.

Education: MEng Mechanical Engineering (Queen’s University Belfast)
Business Sustainability Management Certificate (University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership)

Amber is the course leader for Research & Development in F1

Amber has worked for:

David Felis

F1 Aerodynamics Engineer​

David has worked with Epsilon Euskadi Team (later EPIC Racing). He was an Aerodynamicist at Williams F1 from 2012 to 2018, then joined Haas F1 Team as a Senior Aerodynamicist where he worked until 2021. During his F1 career, he developed many new concepts and ideas that trended on the grid.

Education: BSc in Aeronautical Engineering (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
MSc in Motorsports (Mondragón Unibersitatea)

David is the course leader for the Aerodynamics Career Accelerator Program 

David  has worked for:

David Vicente Moya

LMP Race Engineer

David has worked as a race and data engineer with Molitor Racing Systems GmbH, Conquest Racing, and through his own consulting company Neptune Performance.

An expert in LMP racing, David has worked or consulted for teams in IMSA Weathertech, Rolex 24H Daytona, Prototype Cup Germany, and many more.

Education: BSc Mechanical Engineering (Polytechnic University of Madrid) MSc Motorsport Engineering (University of Nebrija)
David is the course leader for Race Engineering in LMP

David has worked with:

Davide de Russis

Endurance Race & Performance Engineer

Davide has worked trackside since 2016 running Rally, Touring, GT4, GT3, and GTE cars for different teams. As an expert in GT cars, he works with different teams competing in endurance racing series such as in British GT, Asian Le Mans Series, European Le Mans Series, GT World Challenge Europe, World Endurance Championship, 24h Le Mans, and many more.

Education: BSc in Automotive Engineering (Politecnico di Torino)
Race Engineering Specialist Course (Hexathron Racing Systems) and has an
MSc in Motorsport Engineering (Oxford Brookes University)

Davide is the course leader for Race Strategy in Endurance Racing

Davide has worked with:

World Endurance Championship Logo
European Le Mans Series

Gary Rosewell

Sports Marketing professional & Founder of Sport176

Gary interned with the ING Renault F1 Program from 2008-2009. This cemented his desire to pursue a career in the sport. In 2010, he worked in commercial acquisitions at Renault F1 Team. Gary has worked with PRISM, INFINITI Motorsport, Red Bull Racing and Renault Sport F1. In 2017 he founded Sport 176, collaborating with PRISM, Threshold Sports and Crunch Communications. where he Account Directed PETRONAS Motorsport in 2019 with Mercedes F1. 

Education: BA (Hons) International Business and French (University of the West of England)
MSc International Relations (University of Bristol).

Gary has either worked directly for or supported the following organizations and projects:

Gerard Torres

Motorsport Engineer Founder​

Gerard was part of the first Graduate Scheme at Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team in 2010. After winning multiple Drivers’ and Constructors’ F1 Championships with the German Team, he left at the end of 2017 to pursue an MBA and start his own Technical Consulting company. In 2020, he founded Motorsport Engineer, an online learning platform specialising in Motorsport courses and networking opportunities.

Education: BSc Mechanical Engineering (UPC Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
MSc Motorsport Engineering (Oxford Brookes University)

Gerard is the course leader for the Free Introductory Course

Gerard has worked for:

Javier Sistiaga

Chassis & Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

Javi has experience in both the motorsport and automotive domains. Whilst the majority of Javi’s career has been spent at Applus+ IDIADA developing 4-wheeled vehicles for global markets, he also has significant experience in the design and production of motorbikes. Javi co-founded BASS Racing and has worked as a project engineer for KTM in MotoGP. He currently works with GE Renewable Energy as a lead technician in multi-body simulation and teaches courses at UPC.

Education: MEng Mechanical Engineering (UPC Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
MSc Motorsport Engineering (Oxford Brookes University)

Javier is the course leader for the Vehicle Dynamics – Modelling and Simulation Course

Javier has worked for:

Marc Ollé Bernades

F1 Performance Engineer​

Marc worked in the Automotive sector with Volvo, IDIADA and McLaren Automotive before switching to motorsport. He has worked as a Race & Vehicle Dynamics Engineer for a GT4 team and as a Vehicle Dynamics & Simulation Engineer for Mahindra Racing Formula E. In 2018, Marc made the move to Formula 1, joining Williams Racing as a Performance Engineer.

Education: MEng Mechanical Engineering (UPC Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
MSc Mechanical and Automotive Engineering (Chalmers University)
MSc Motorsport Engineering (Oxford Brookes University)

Marc has worked for:

Marta de Pfaff Ganduxer

Formula E Tyre Perfromance Engineer

Marta began her professional career at SEAT before moving to the UK for her MSc program.

Marta worked in the British Superbikes Championship with the PBM Ducati Team then joined Stop and Go in the Moto 2 Championship. She has worked in Formula E at NIO 333 and now with Jaguar TCS Racing.

Education: BSc Industrial Engineering (UPC Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
MSc Motorsport Engineering (Oxford Brookes University)

Marta is the course leader for Tyre Performance Engineering

Marta has worked for:

Martin Buchan

F1 Aerodynamics Design Engineer

Martin was selected for the Junior Engineer Programme at Audi AG and went on to work in various roles across different disciplines there. In 2016, he moved to England for his MSc and completed his thesis with McLaren Applied Technologies. He then landed a job at Force India F1 team (now Aston Martin F1). In 2020, he founded Buchan Motorsport.

Education: BSc Automotive Engineering (Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt) MSc Advanced Motorsport Engineering (Cranfield University)

Martin has worked for:


Pablo Romero

Formula 1 Composite Design Engineer

Pablo started his motorsport career at Renault F1 as a Composite Design Engineer, before joining McLaren F1 in 2019. After 3 years in Formula 1, Pablo moved to the Automotive sector with Gordon Murray Design, before joining ARRIVAL. Pablo has gone on to do composite and design work for Bold and DES Composites LTD.

Education: BEng Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Universidad de Sevilla)
BEng Mechanical Engineering (VIA University College)
MSc Motorsport Engineering Technology (Oxford Brookes University)​

Pablo is the course leader for the Composite Design Engineering in F1 Course

Pablo has worked for:

Ralph Dale

F1 Field Applications Engineer

Ralph started his professional career as a Data Engineer in the British GT and 24 Hours of Spa. After graduating, Ralph worked as a Chassis Engineer at RML Group, before starting his own company. Ralph has been a F3 Data Engineer for Carlin Motorsport and now works at McLaren F1 as a Field Applications Engineer.

Education: BSc Motorsport Technology (Oxford Brookes University)

Ralph is the course leader for the
Data Engineering in F3 Course

Ralph has worked for:

Rui Alves

Rui Alves
Formula E Strategy Engineer​

After graduating, Rui started his professional career in 2006 with ASM as a GT Race Engineer. Rui started working within Formula E in its inceptions in 2014 and spent the inaugural season with Venturi Racing before joining Audi Sport Abt. He currently works with ABT Sportsline GmbH and PACETEQ GmbH as a Strategy Engineer.

Education: BSc Mechanical Engineering (Instituto Superior Técnico)

Rui is the course leader for the Trackside Engineering in Formula E Course

Rui has worked for:

Rod Nelson

Photo credit: Nicolas Prost (2013). Photo of Rod Nelson running Emerson Fittipaldi in an F1 Lotus

Rod worked in Formula 1 for 28 years, including roles as Performance Engineer, Race Engineer, and Chief Engineer. After starting his career in Formula Ford, he worked for Arrows F1, Simtek F1, and Benetton/Renault F1 where he won two World Championships with Fernando Alonso. He held positions with Williams F1 and  Renault F1 before becoming Head of Vehicle Performance Group at NIO Formula E from 2018-2020.

Education: BSc in Mechanical Engineering Cardiff University
PhD in computer control and simulation of hydraulic systems (Cardiff University)

Rod is the course leader for the Race Engineering Career Accelerator Program

Rod has worked for:

renault f1 team logo

Tim Lane

Former F1 Programme Planner
Tim started his professional journey at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), then in 2019, he joined Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team as Programme Planner. After over four years with Mercedes, Tim now works as a Senior Vehicle Personalisation Programme Lead at JLR’s Special Operations division.

Education: BSc in Sociology and Business (Aston University)

Tim is the course leader for the Project Management in F1 Course

Tim has worked for:

Xavier Ballesta

F1 Senior Aerodynamicist

Xavier started his professional career in 2007 at Seat Sport, before moving to IDIADA, where he was a CFD engineer. In 2012, Xavier joined Marussia F1 Team (now Manor Racing) as an aerodynamicist for more than two years before joining Williams F1 in 2014. Xavier currently works as a Senior Aerodynamicist at Williams Racing Team.

Education: BEng Aeronautical Engineering (UPC Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
MSc Aerospace Engineering (UPC Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

Xavier is the course leader for the Trackside Aerodynamics Course

Xavier has worked for:

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