Introductory Course

Learn more about the basics of the motorsports industry

Self-Paced Course

Approximately 1.5 Hours

12 Lessons

For all learners

Course Description

Embark on a thrilling introductory free course! The motorsports industry is
one of the most exciting industries out there. Companies operating in
this field, also known as teams, face a wide range of engineering,
operational and commercial challenges to succeed at creating the fastest
racing car for the category in which they compete. Enrol today to learn about some insightful aspects of Formula 1 and the motorsports industry!

Introductory Course

Self-Paced Course
  • Lifetime Access to course materials
  • Ask questions and get feedback from the instructor
  • Earn an industry-recognised course certificate

Course Modules

  • What the motorsports industry is like
  • The main championships and their characteristics
  • The skills needed to work in this challenging industry
  • Common paths to starting a successful career in Formula 1

This course is for you if...

You are a student or professional with an interest the Motorsport industry

You want to learn about the specifics of the general aspects of the industry

You’re ready to boost your CV and start a career in Motorsport Engineering

Course Reviews

Hear what students have to say about this course

Tom Derbyshire
Read More
Very clear to follow. Very engaging! Would recommend listening to it.
Great Concept
Eric Pellegrini
Read More
I am currently an Automotive Engineering student, and being able to learn about motorsport engineering is a great opportunity!
Simple, Apt and Exciting
Anna Mary Jose
Read More
Thank you for this unique course. It has truly given me a better picture of what I will come across if I were to be a professional in the field. This course provides the essential details one needs to understand before he chooses his career in F1 in a simple and exciting manner.
Perfect Introduction
Christian Luis Medina Rodríguez
Read More
It has all the important aspects that one need to understand what is the F1 and high motorsport enviroment about, what are the pros of entering the network and the specialist courses.
Kushal Agarwal
Read More
The course is great as it gives real insight about motorsport industry which is difficult to find otherwise
Incredible Course
Luiz Alberto
Read More
The course provides an overview of how formula 1 works
Simple and Exciting Course
Vimal George
Read More
This introductory course is an insightful course. This course helped me to understand what are the learning paths to be followed to attain a job in the motor sport industry. Thanks to the Instructor for explaining the topics in the best possible way and I also thank the motor sport academy for providing us with this unique course.
Very Good
Dhruv Kumar
Read More
An overall very interesting experience, which has surely got me pumped to learn more
Robin Mens
Read More
It is very cool to see the path from school to work of a very professional Engineer. It motivates me and it luckily shows that I am at the right path now.
A Brief about ME and Overall a Great Effort by the Team
Vasantharam K
Read More
The structure of the course is well defined by Gerard Torres, easy to comprehend and answered almost all the questions that I had in mind before taking up the course...waiting for more of it in future at approachable price...
Naeem Khan
Read More
Really brilliant overview of your background within the motorsport industry and how various categories operate. Also brilliant to observe insight of the teams working environment and the pathway into getting a motorsport related job.
Honest and Informative
Charlie Crawshaw
Read More
An honest and informative insight into the world of Motorsport with, I'm sure, many great courses to follow!
Perhaps "The Nature of F1/Who TMEN are"
Jeffrey Astorga
Read More
content was very helpful, many of these things I knew already but only after constant digging through LinkedIn or Google, many more things which I did not know and could only find out from someone who lived in the sport. Such exclusive and specialized knowledge is what I crave and hope to see more of!
Emil Slutsker
Read More
Never seen something like this before! I searched for insane amount of time to find some info about motorsport. And here I got it! I am very happy that I found a place where I can take some real knowledge about motorsport and maybe some day I will find myself part of motor racing world.

Meet your course instructor

Gerard Torres
Motorsport Engineer Founder

Gerard is the founder of Motorsports Engineer and an engineer with extensive experience working at the pinnacle of the motorsports industry.

After studying Mechanical Engineering at the UPC University in Barcelona, he earned an MSc in Motorsports Engineering at the Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom.

He was part of a group of 8 lucky young engineers that were part of the first Graduate Scheme at Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team in 2010. After winning multiple Drivers’ and Constructors’ F1 Championship with the German Team, he left at the end of 2017 to pursue an MBA and start his own technical consulting company.

In 2020, he decided to start Motorsport Engineer – an online, private network of engineers specialised in the niche of Motorsports that provides on and offline education for young, aspiring F1 engineers, engineering services, and careers mentoring to active motorsports engineers.

Gerard has worked with

Self-Paced Course


Access Duration: Lifetime     ⓘ

Duration for which video lessons, downloadables, quizzes and assignments will be made available from the time of enrolment.

Mode of Delivery: Online     ⓘ

Lessons are managed by experienced course leaders leveraging online means.

E-mail support     ⓘ

We provide support throughout the duration of the course.

Certification     ⓘ

A certificate will be awarded upon course completion so you can share your achievement with your network.

Interact with instructor     ⓘ

Network with motorsport engineering professionals and receive the advice you are looking for.

Watch lessons in any order     ⓘ

Start from the beginning or the end - you choose!

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Networking is key in any industry, and motorsport is no different. For this reason, our courses include the option to submit questions and interact directly with our instructors who are professionals in the industry.

Keep in mind that asking interesting questions will help you stand out!

Job hunting can be a stressful process filled with uncertainty. To help with the process, Motorsport Engineer offers a CV review process based on years of experience working in Formula 1 and other motorsport categories and recruiting the best talent for some of the most well-known companies and teams in the industry.

This is a personalised, bespoke service offered on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in our CV review service, please send an email to for more information.

This is one of the most common questions we receive!

While there is no single answer to this question, here are some general tips that you can implement to help you towards your goal:

1. Complete our free Introductory Course. It will give you a general idea of the motorsport industry and some of the steps you might want to take to help you in your journey.
2. Read our blog! We share lots of advice and insights there – a great place to start is the article “5 Things Every Aspiring Formula 1 Engineer Should Know.
3. Once you have decided on a role you are interested in pursuing, read job adverts to identify the skills you will need to be a competitive candidate. If you want more insight into roles in the industry, check out our courses to see if any of them are right for you! 
4. Feel free to contact us at if you have more questions or if you require further assistance.

Motorsport Engineer is dedicated to your success! We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for our courses as outlined in our refund policy.

If you are a professional in the motorsport industry and want to develop a course with us, please get in touch at!

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