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Dive into the thrilling world of aerodynamics in motorsport with our comprehensive course package, featuring five dynamic courses tailored to boost your expertise. Led by industry experts, each course has been designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this fast-paced field.

Unravel the secrets behind the aerodynamic principles that drive performance in motorsport, from fundamental concepts to advanced techniques used in Formula 1 and beyond. Through a blend of theoretical learning and practical assignments, you’ll learn aerodynamic concepts from modern vehicle design techniques, the simulation of fluid flows, critical performance considerations, and what track aerodynamic testing involves. 

Get five of our top-rated aerodynamics self-paced courses, career bonuses, plus the option to add on CATIA software at an unbeatable price!

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Aero Course Package

5 Leading Courses
  • Lifetime access to courses
  • Instructors from F1
  • Industry-recognized certificate
  • Email support
  • Assignment feedback

CATIA Course Package

5 Leading Courses + 1 month of CATIA
  • Lifetime access to courses
  • Instructors from F1
  • Industry-recognized certificate
  • Email support
  • Assignment feedback

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What You Get in the Aerodynamics Course Package

5 Comprehensive Courses

Specifically designed to teach you the skills you need to work in high-level motorsport

Tailored Career Advice​

Including  CV feedback and our exclusive Motorsport Career Advice e-book

Community of Learners

Network with industry professionals and connect with like-minded peers

CATIA Software License

Option to add on 1 month access to industry-leading software CATIA 3DX

Certificate of Completion​

Earn an industry-recognised certificates of completion for each course

Assignments & Feedback

Show your learning by completing assignments, and get detailed feedback from instructors

Courses in this Package

What Students Have Said

A Very Well-Organized Course!
Marwan Attar
Read More
Covers various important topics that gives a better understanding to what exact duties and tasks are expected from a Trackside Aerodynamicist. Topics covered help better understand Track Testings and analyze graphs and data, the types of Test Runs and the benefits of each, and finally an interesting case study using MoTeC software to analyse Formula 1 data. Thank you Xavier!
Brilliant Course
Umberto Stassi
Read More
This is an amazing course for anyone who wants to pursue a career in motorsports. Each lesson is clearly explained, the practical examples also allow to truly understand the amazing concepts that are explained. This course, also, integrates perfectly with the knowledge gained from an Engineering Degree. I think that the hands-on assignments are the best part of the course; thanks to those you can truly master the skills taught in this course. The possibility to receive feedback on your work from a F1 Aerodynamicist is fantastic. The feedbacks from Xavier are detailed and extremely insightful. I definitely recommend this course. Thank you Xavier!
Recommended for F1 Enthusiasts!!
Himanshu Dhurve
Read More
Great insight into the world of Aero Design in Formula 1. Highly recommended to those who want to know about the design process and methodologies used in F1.
Amazing Course!
Sergio Caceres
Read More
The course is well-structured and the content delivered is well-explained and very valuable for a role in design. The content covers the structure of the aerodynamics department within an F1 team, materials and production methods, design in CATIA V5 and career developments for an aero designer, all explained by Martin, an F1 Aero Designer. Very complete course from start to end and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get into F1 design. The Motorsport Engineer platform is doing a great job bringing F1 closer to students. Really helpful!
Amazing Opportunity and Really Well Presented
Mohammad Reza Izady
Read More
I have gained valuable experience around production and methods in the F1 industry during the course and more importantly, I designed a wing element in CATIA (how cool is that!). I highly recommend this course to students or professionals who want to pursue a career in F1 especially Aerodynamic Design.
I Highly Recommend This Course!
Giuseppe Benvenuto
Read More
A great opportunity to learn about production methods used in Formula 1. It is also great to design a wing element using CATIA.
Great Course
Reuben Thomas
Read More
A very good launchpad for those who are seriously considering to take up aerodynamics in motor sports as a career. The assignments were both challenging and interesting. This course provides an insight into a few of the nuances of being a track aero.
Perfect Course for Aspiring Motorsports/Aero/CFD Engineers
Raja Rajat Walia
Read More
The course is really amazing. It covers all aspects of the trackside aerodynamics testing. All modules are structured well. The instructor is very kind and helpful. Concepts are explained in detail. Assignments are really practical and interesting to work on. I have never seen a course that involved such a level of theoretical and practical concepts. Really enjoyed each and every bit of the course.
Exciting Aerodynamics Course
Gerard Sabaté Arroyo
Read More
Brilliant course which covers all aspects of being a Trackside aero engineer as well as in-deep aerodynamic F1 concepts. It is recommended to have some aero background to follow properly the course. I especially enjoyed the hands-on and challenging assignments and surprised by the fast feedback from Xavier. Not every day you get feedback from an F1 Aerodynamicist!
Really Good Course
Matheus Gomes Traversim Marques
Read More
The Introduction to Race Car Aerodynamics course is really insightful. The course gives a perspective about the aerodynamicist role in a F1 team and how the aero department is structured. It also deeply cover how wind tunnel testing and CFD works, emphasizing them as extremely important tools for the aero development of the F1 cars.
Great Start Even if Experienced in Motorsport
Great Start Even if Experienced in Motorsport
Jean Paul Sultana
Read More
With a background knowledge of what some basic terms and interactions are this course was ideal to understand better how the technical direction and development is structured within an organisation and specific technical terms mentioned enough to give direction for own personal study to develop further. Recommended.
Very Informative Course
İlber Ege Coşkun
Read More
Thanks a lot to Motorsport Engineer and Adrian Villar Collazo for making this informative course that is aimed towards people that want to make their way to the motorsport industry. The course's content provided information about the fundamentals of aerodynamics, wind tunnel testing and CFD in Formula 1.

Learn from Industry Professionals

Martin Buchan

Martin Buchan

ex-Formula 1 Aero Design Engineer

Xavier Ballesta

F1 Aerodynamics Project Leader

Andra Mantighian

CFD Engineer

Adrian Villar

ex-F1 Aerodynamics Engineer

The Aerodynamics Course Package


worth €999.75

Get lifetime access 5 of our top-rated self-paced courses:
- Introduction to Race Car Aerodynamics
- Aero Design in F1
- Aerodynamics Design in F1 - Bodywork Design
- Trackside Aerodynamics
- Numerical Methods in CFD


starting at €7000 (plus fees)

Immediate access to exclusive software license, with the option to extend your access at the best rate


worth over €400

Get career advice and assistance including:
  • Career Guidance E-book
  • Editable CV Templates
  • Certificates of completion for all courses
  • a value of over €1500, yours for just


    *with option to add 1 month of CATIA 3DX

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Software required is included upon course purchase unless otherwise specified. Where needed, we provide installation instructions.

    Every course page has a section describing the syllabus. Furthermore, the detailed curriculum is also publicly available. Courses last between 5 and 20 hours, including guided lectures and individual work. Also, our courses are flexible, allowing you to work  and learn at your own pace.

    Yes! A personalised certificate with your name and course subject will be provided once you successfully complete the course. This is a great way to show you have learnt from industry experts and allows you to differentiate from other engineers in the sector.

    Course access is for life! As simple as that, all our courses allow you to access lessons and learning content forever.

    If you are a group of students interested in one or more courses please contact us at

    Networking is key for finding your way into any industry, and motorsport is not different. For this reason, we think that having the possibility to interact directly with instructors is vital. We have created several tools that will allow you to communicate directly with our instructors during the course through the platform.

    If you would like to purchase additional access to the CATIA V5 and/or 3DX software from Motorsport Engineer, send us an email ( for pricing and details.

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