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Our Career Accelerator Programs are tailored for aspiring engineers aiming to dive into the world of high-level motorsport and for those looking to deepen their knowledge in specific topics.

With a focus on practical, hands-on tasks, our courses equip students with vital skills for their future careers. Through real-world projects, participants are prepared for the F1 sector’s challenges, setting the stage for those looking to design championship-winning cars or innovate performance solutions.

Our Career Accelerator Programs

CAD Design Accelerator Program Student Work

In this multi-part challenge, students were asked to design a high-cooling and a low-cooling version of a 2022/2023 bodywork for an F1 car. They needed to design the airbox and sidepod separately, and include a high sidewall to control outwash. Additionally, an extra challenge was to include louvers in the design.
In this challenge, students were asked to design an F1 rear wing main plane with a total width of 1000mm and a chord length of approximately 350mm.
Students were tasked with designing an F1 nose cone with a round tip. The key features of this task were the structure of the design and the number of sections used.
From 2017/2021, T-wings were part of F1 cars due to an extension of the regulation box. Students designed a wing that fit into the regulation box (within the parameters 50mm long and 750mm wide), including wing tips or rollover within the design.

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