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The World of Motorsport Engineering

Rapid pace of technological change
Competitiveness and gate-keeping
Lack of knowledge: only a few specialised programs
HIgh investments and expenses

Paths to a Motorsport Career:
a perfect Formula to work for Formula 1…

Education + Practical experience

Essential to get a specialised education and training for aspiring Motorsport Engineers
+ Various very specific narrow roles within the industry
+ It’s of the essence to stay on top  of the current technologies and trends, so constant improvement
Motorsport Engineer supports graduates in finding fulfilling careers within the industry, leveraging connections and knowledge to help them score a job in the prestigious teams and roles.

Your Role in the Racing World

Boosting Your Motorsport Engineering Journey

Resources for Success

Here we have some useful resources for aspiring motorsport engineers, including guides on how online courses can help in your career, how to create an impactful CAD portfolio, interview preparation tips, and strategies for securing a job in Motorsport.

We are strong supporters and always encourage diversity and inclusion within the field.

How Online Courses can
enhance your job prospects


How your CAD portfolio can help you land a job in F1

5 Proven strategies for landing Motorsports Jobs

How to excel in your Motorsport Engineering job interview

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