Test Driving and Dynamic Development of Vehicles in Motorsport

Featuring Eloi Valenzuela (Test Driver and Vehicle Dynamics Engineer)

About the Event

Get ready for a thrilling journey into the high-speed world of engineering! In this webinar, we’ll explore the dynamic synergy between Test Driving and Vehicle Dynamics Engineering.

In this event, featuring test driver and vehicle dynamics engineer Eloi Valenzuela, you’ll gain insight into the fascinating world of vehicle dynamics engineering, learn about the pivotal role of test drivers in shaping the cars we drive, and discover how these two fields collaborate for optimised car development.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just curious about the world of test driving and vehicle dynamics engineering, this webinar is for you!


Eloi Valenzuela

Test Driver & Vehicle Dynamics Engineer


Alissa Gildemann

Academic Coordinator - Motorsport Engineer

About the Speaker

Eloi Valenzuela
Test Driver and Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

Eloi studied Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnical University of Catalonia and holds an MSc in Design and Development of Vehicle Dynamics from Università Di Pavia in Italy.

In 2018 he joined RDT Engineers, where he worked with Seat and Cupra in the Vehicle Dynamics division as a test driver and as a vehicle dynamics engineer. 

He has completed driving training programs in ISO manoeuvres, adverse conditions, snow and ice, and also has a license from the Joe Weber School’s driving course done at the Nürburgring Nordschleife in track professional test driving.

Eloi works mainly with Applus+ Idiada with the development of prototypes around the world, with multiple road and track surfaces and conditions.

Eloi has worked for:

Quick Facts

What you should know


  1. Welcome and introduction to the webinar: Alissa Gildemann (Motorsport Engineer)
  2. Overview of Motorsport Engineer: Alissa Gildemann (Motorsport Engineer)
  3. How Test Driving and Vehicle Dynamics Engineering Work Together for Improved Dynamic Development: Eloi Valenzuela 
  4. ISO Manoeuvers, Handling and Comfort Tests for Vehicle Dynamics Assessment: Eloi Valenzuela
  5. The Advantages of Being a Vehicle Dynamics Engineer as a Test Driver (and visa-versa): Eloi Valenzuela
  6. Q&A

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