Optimising Suspension Systems
with RACE Software

Featuring Raoul Popescu-Ghimis (RACE Software)

About the Event

Join us for an informative webinar about Optimising Suspension Systems with RACE Software, featuring CEO Raoul Popescu-Ghimis!

In this free online event, we will explore the world of suspension design and tuning with RACE Software, a powerful cloud-based tool which enables precision adjustments for enhanced vehicle performance, handling, and comfort.

Offering valuable insights and real-world examples, this webinar is for automotive enthusiasts, engineers, and racing professionals alike.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about RACE Software. Register now and elevate your understanding of suspension optimisation.


Raoul Popescu-Ghimis (RACE Software)

Raoul Popescu-Ghimis

CEO - RACE Software


Alissa Gildemann

Academic Coordinator - Motorsport Engineer

About the Speaker

Raoul Popescu-Ghimis
CEO of RACE Software

Raoul is an accomplished engineer and entrepreneur with a strong academic foundation and a wealth of professional experience. He holds both a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) and a Master of Engineering (MEng) degree from Coventry University, where he honed his technical skills and developed a passion for innovation.

With a deep-seated fascination for automotive engineering, Raoul embarked on his career as a Vehicle Dynamics and Structures Engineer at Multimatic. Raoul’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to found four successful companies, where he applies his engineering prowess and strategic vision to create groundbreaking solutions. His ventures have spanned various industries (engineering, events, and financial), demonstrating his versatility and adaptability as a business leader.

Currently, Raoul serves as the CEO of RACE Software, a pioneering company at the forefront of software innovation in the automotive industry. Under his guidance, RACE Software has achieved remarkable growth and recognition for its innovative software solutions that empower engineers and designers to run industry-standard multibody simulations (MBS) to support suspension development in their vehicles.

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What you should know


  1. Welcome and introduction to the webinar: Alissa Gildemann (Motorsport Engineer)
  2. Overview of Motorsport Engineer: Alissa Gildemann (Motorsport Engineer)
  3. RACE Software company information and background Raoul Popescu-Ghimis (RACE Software)
  4. Optimising Suspension Systems with RACE Software Raoul Popescu-Ghimis (RACE Software)
  5. Q&A

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