Student Spotlight Series: Pedro and Shane

with Shane Kenyon (Mechanical Design Engineer) and Pedro Calorio (Simulation Development Engineer)

About the event

Get ready to embark on an inspiring journey with Motorsport Engineer’s Student Spotlight Series! Join us as we feature alumni Shane Kenyon and Pedro Calorio, who will share their success stories and shed light on how they leveraged the knowledge gained from Motorsport Engineer’s courses towards achieving their professional goals. 

Whether you’re interested in learning more about Motorsport Engineer’s courses, an aspiring industry professional, or interested in firsthand accounts of student experiences, this event is for you. The session, complete with an interactive Q&A, offers a unique chance to engage directly with Motorsport Engineer students.

Don’t let this chance pass you by! Register now (for free) to secure your spot and discover how Motorsport Engineer empowers students to not just reach but surpass their goals. 

About the speakers

Pedro Calorio

Simulation Development Engineer

Pedro completed his BSc and MEng in Brazil, where he was involved in his university’s FSAE team.

He then moved to the USA to work as a vehicle dynamics engineer at OptimumG.

Pedro brings his background in vehicle dynamics to his current role in the Simulation and Modelling group at Alpine F1, where he has worked since the beginning of 2023.

Shane Kenyon

Mechanical Design Engineer

Shane studied Mechanical Engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology and holds a BA.
His degree required 1 year cumulative of internships, which were fulfilled at Borgwarner and Tesla. Following university, Shane went back to Tesla full time, working on mechanisms on the Closures Team.  From there Shane worked at NIO and at Nikola Motors in CAD-intensive roles designing next-generation products, and is currently starting a stealth company from scratch with a former colleague.
In his free time, he spends time at the race track learning performance and race engineering on a Radical SR3 team in a small series.  He has also completed the Motorsport Engineer CAD CAP course and is planning to work through the other online modules during the end of this year.

Quick Facts

What you should know


  1. Welcome and introduction to the webinar (Alissa Gildemann)
  2. Meet the Panelists (Pedro Calorio and Shane Kenyon)
  3. Panel Discussion (Pedro Calorio and Shane Kenyon) 
  4. Q&A (all)


Shane Kenyon

Mechanical Design Engineer

Pedro Calorio Photo

Pedro Calorio

Simulation Development Engineer

Shane has worked for:

Pedro has worked for:

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