Race Strategy Technology

With Alexander Bodo (CEO Paceteq GmbH) and Rui Alves (Strategy Eng. Paceteq GmbH)

About the event

For many years, Race Strategy was a guessing game for those involved in Motorsport, and an educated guess at best. However, with advances in technology and an exponential increase in the amount of data available, teams are now faced with the complex challenge of obtaining useful insights from an abundance of data. However, such a process can’t be done manually, and as such, effective handling and use of this data requires bespoke software.

Step forward Paceteq… Paceteq are on a mission to deliver turnkey solutions for professional sports activities, comprising both application and embedded software, helping to provide motorsport teams around the world with the all important edge over their competition. When it comes to Race Strategy, a single decision can make the difference in winning and losing a race and, in some cases, a championship. Ensuring that the right information is connected with the engineer at the right time is absolutely crucial.

Motorsport Engineer is excited to invite you to register for an exclusive FREE webinar where we will discuss all things Race Strategy Technology, with inside information brought to you directly from Paceteq CEO Alexander Bodo and Motorsport Strategy Engineer Rui Alves. In hosting this event, we hope to provide students, industry professionals and motorsport fanatics, with a fascinating insight into the often concealed world of Motorsport Race Strategy, addressing some of the challenges faced down at the track.

Join us in this great opportunity to connect with Alexander and Rui and hear from two great minds with extensive experience across many categories of Motorsport. With only 100 spots available, you don’t want to miss this!

Webinar limited to 100 attendees.

About the speakers

Alexander Bodo

CEO at Paceteq

With an academic background in the field of Management Science, Alexander entered the world of Motorsport as a Strategist for Mercedes-Benz in DTM. Since then, Alexander has fulfilled a range of roles at HWA AG including Strategy Team Leader and FIA Formula E Project Manager. Alexander would proceed to launch Paceteq in 2020, before assuming the full-time role of CEO in March of this year.

Rui Alves

Strategy Engineer at Paceteq GmbH & Abt Sportsline GmbH

Rui currently works as a Strategy Engineer at Abt Sportsline GmbH, helping the team devise plans to ensure success on track, and extract the most performance out of the cars. Alongside his duties for Abt, Rui assumes a similar role for the Motorsport division of Paceteq.

With a Mechanical Engineering degree from Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon), Rui started his professional career in 2006 with ASM as a GT Race Engineer. Since then, Rui has acquired substantial experience as a Data/Performance Engineer in various categories of motorsport, notably being involved in Formula E ever since its inception back in 2014.


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Gerard Torres Founder Motorsport Engineer
Alexander Bodo CEO Paceteq GmbH
Rui Alves Strategy Engineer Paceteq GmbH

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Petronas Paceteq Audi Sport HWA


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