Project Management in Formula 1

Tim Lane (former F1 Programme Planner)

About the Event

Get ready to rev up your project management skills with an exclusive webinar focused on the high-stakes world of Formula 1. We invite you to register for an in-depth exploration of how project management powers the success of Formula 1 teams.

In this webinar, you can expect to discover strategies and techniques used to orchestrate Formula 1’s complex operations. You’ll also learn how programme management plays a pivotal role in achieving precision, speed, and excellence in every race. If you want to know event more, you can sign up for Tim’s course here at Motorsport Engineer: Project Management in F1

Whether you’re an experienced project manager or just interested in getting started in the field, this webinar offers valuable insights into the high-performance world of Formula 1 and how programme management makes it all possible.

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Tim Lane
Former F1 Programme Planner

About the Speaker

Tim Lane
Former F1 Programme Planner

Tim earned a BSc in Sociology and Business from Aston University. He started his professional journey at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), working in the Global Business Expansion department as an Intern. Tim then worked for a Robotic Process Automation start-up as an Associate Consultant before returning to JLR as a Project Planner for a powertrain implementation project.
In 2019, Tim joined Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team as Programme Planner, planning the production of launch cars and subsequent upgrade packages. After over four years with Mercedes, Tim now works as a Senior Vehicle Personalisation Programme Lead at JLR’s Special Operations division.

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What you should know


  1. Welcome and introduction to the webinar: Alissa Gildemann (Motorsport Engineer)
  2. Overview of Motorsport Engineer: Alissa Gildemann (Motorsport Engineer)
  3. The Role of a Programme Manager within F1: Tim Lane
  4. The Project Lifecycle in F1: Tim Lane
  5. Q&A

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