Motorsport Talks: Vehicle Dynamics with ChassisSim

Featuring Danny Nowlan (ChassisSim) and Javier Sistiaga (Motorsport Engineer)

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Register free to get an in-depth exploration of ChassisSim, the powerful simulation software revolutionising vehicle development. In this recording, Danny Nowlan, the founder and director of ChassisSim Technologies, and  Javier Sistiaga, Motorsport Engineer course leader, delve into the intricacies of vehicle dynamics.

Learn how ChassisSim enables engineers to optimise performance, handling, and lap times with virtual testing, and why “simulation without validation is nothing more than speculation.”

Whether you’re a seasoned engineer or new to vehicle dynamics, this webinar provides valuable insights and practical tips to enhance your understanding and application of ChassisSim.

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Danny Nowlan

ChassisSim Technologies

Javier Sistiaga

Course Leader
Motorsport Engineer

Featured Speakers

Danny Nowlan

Founder and Director, ChassisSim Technologies

Danny holds degrees in Physics, Pure Mathematics, and Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Sydney, Australia. After starting his career working as a data analyst, Danny then worked in British Formula 3, A1 Team China, and in the automotive industry.

In 2004, he launched ChassisSim Technologies, a race car vehicle dynamics software and consultancy company. ChassisSim is used by teams in NASCAR, IndyCar, GT, F3, and more. In addition, it is part of the curriculum in leading Motorsport Engineering study programs in the UK and USA.

in addition to guest lecturing at universities, Danny is the author of the book “The Dynamics of the Race Car“, and creates videos for the ChassisSim YouTube channel.

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Javier Sistiaga

Course Leader, Motorsport Engineer

Javi has experience in both the motorsport and automotive domains. He earned an MEng from UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) and holds an MSc in Motorsport Engineering from Oxford Brookes University.
Whilst the majority of Javi’s career has been spent at Applus+ Idiada developing 4-wheeled vehicles for global markets, he also has significant experience in the design and production of motorbikes. Javi co-founded BASS Racing and has worked developing the KTM MotoGP chassis. He currently works in GE Renewable Energy building multi-body simulation models used to develop wind turbines and teaches as an Associate Professor at UPC.

Javier is the course leader for the Vehicle Dynamics – Modelling and Simulation Course at Motorsport Engineer.

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Quick Facts

What you should know


  1. Welcome and introduction to the webinar (Alissa Gildemann)
  2. What ChassisSim is and how it is used (Danny Nowlan)
  3. Using ChassisSim to model car performance (Javier Sistiaga and Danny Nowlan)
  4. Developments in Vehicle Dynamics and simulation (Javier Sistiaga and Danny Nowlan)

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