Marketing Communication Agencies in Motorsports

With Ben Cowley - Co-Founder at Pace Six Four

Jennifer Mason - Head of Client Relations at Pace Six Four

and Gary Rosewell - Course Leader at Motorsport Engineer

In this Webinar you will learn:

  • The process of launching new Formula 1 cars
  • The role of a marketing agency in Formula 1
  • How to apply storytelling to any motorsports marketing activity
  • How marketing and engineering work together

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Who will be speaking

Gerard Torres

Motorsport Engineer

Ben Cowley

Ben Cowley

Pace Six Four

Jennifer Mason

Head of Client Relations
Pace Six Four

Gary Rosewell

Course Instructor
Motorsport Engineer

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About the event

International motorsport is a highly effective, mobile marketing, entertainment and business development platform, combining world-class sport and technology with seamlessly delivered guest experiences and content production. At least, that’s what it looks like on the surface… 

In reality, it takes an armada of interdisciplinary professionals to make motorsport (or sport in general for that matter) the sensory overload that fans have come to expect, and not everything goes swimmingly. Marketing professionals wouldn’t tell you this of course. It’s an unwritten rule that staff stay firmly behind the camera, placing all emphasis on the client, the guest, the investor, the prospect, the fan.

In this webinar we meet some of the unsung heroes of marketing communications in motorsport, exploring (among other areas) the preparation and creativity that goes into your ‘snackable’ content, how engineering and marketing overlap to create stories, partnerships and products, how designers should be a motorsport professional’s best friend, as well as delving into the steps you can take to support your career in the fast lane.

About the speakers

Ben Cowley

Ben Cowley

Co-Founder, Pace Six Four

Ben began his motorsport career in 2011 as a Marketing Intern at Lotus F1 Team [now Alpine F1 Team], securing a permanent role as Press Officer / Social Media Manager later that year. After two full seasons with the Enstone squad, Ben was headhunted for a similar role at Mercedes F1 Team, progressing to Head of Content during a five-year stint.

At the end of 2018, Ben left Mercedes to establish 64th & Social [now Pace Six Four], with the intention of providing a platform for young creative talent to break into the motorsport industry. Four years later, Pace Six Four has grown to become a specialist motorsport marketing agency that offers a full suite of commercial, marketing and communications services to clients across the industry.

Jennifer Mason

Head of Client Relations, Pace Six Four

Jennifer Mason began her career in the world of marketing, before breaking into the world of publishing journalism in Dubai and London. After working for several years as the Motoring, Travel & Lifestyle Editor for a collection of high-profile luxury print magazines, she was headhunted for a position at Motorsport Network in 2018. A Project Manager role quickly expanded to managing the inception, production and delivery of commercial content for Autosport, working with brands such as Shell, Bose and Mahindra.

A former colleague introduced Jennifer to Pace Six Four (formerly 64th & Social) founder Ben Cowley in 2022. She joined the company as Account Director, recently becoming Head of Client Relations, managing a number of projects across the business.

Gary Rosewell

Course Instructor, Motorsport Engineer

Gary has worked with international marketing partnerships for 15 years and runs the commercial course at Starting as a communications intern on the ING Renault F1 Program in 2008, he later joined Renault F1 Team in 2010 [now Alpine F1 Team], working across partnership sales and client relations. Joining Prism Sport & Entertainment in 2014, he supported the early development of the INFINITI Engineering Academy – offering students the opportunity of a lifetime to work in Formula One.

For the last five years he has operated S176, a specialist contracting business designed to solve sponsorship challenges for agencies, rights holders and brands. He currently serves as Head of Partnerships for Proteus Ocean Group and as Commercial Advisor to PACESIXFOUR. 


  1. Welcome and introduction to the webinar, by Gerard Torres – Motorsport Engineer
  2. F1 car launches, by Ben Cowley, Jennifer Mason and Gary Rosewell
  3. Storytelling applied to Motorsports, by Ben Cowley, Jennifer Mason and Gary Rosewell
  4. The crossover between Marketing and Engineering, by Ben Cowley, Jennifer Mason and Gary Rosewell
  5. Q&A – all


We look forward to speaking with you!

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