CAD Design Round Table

Featuring students from Motorsport Engineer's CAD Design Career Accelerator Program:
Barkin Ínal, Shane Kenyon, Dániel Medgyesi, Oriol Dachs Pérez, and Jeffrey Astorga

Moderated by Martin Buchan, course instructor, and Alissa Gildemann (Motorsport Engineer)

About the round table event

Calling all motorsport engineering enthusiasts, recruiters, professionals, and students! We are excited to host a round table event featuring students from Motorsport Engineer’s CAD Career Accelerator Program. View student work and see what the program has to offer!

Learn more about our live online program, which teaches you to how to use CATIA like an F1 Engineer using industry-leading CATIA 3DExperience from Dassault Systèmes. 

During this session, you’ll hear from students in the course, view the designs they have made, and gain insight into the skills they have honed in the course.
After the round table, join us for a question & answer session to learn more!
This round table event is an excellent opportunity to connect with a diverse group of talented engineers – we hope you can join us! 

Quick Facts

What you should know


  1. Welcome and introduction to the round table: Alissa Gildemann (Motorsport Engineer)
  2. Overview of CAD-CAP Course: Martin Buchan (course leader) and Alissa Gildemann (Motorsport Engineer)
  3. Student presentations: Barkin Ínal, Shane Kenyon, Oriol Dachs Pérez, Jeffrey Astorga, and Dániel Medgyesi
  4. Q&A: all

Who will be speaking

Martin Buchan

Martin Buchan

Course Leader
Former Formula 1 Engineer

Dániel Medgyesi

CAD Design Course Student

Shane Kenyon

CAD Design Course Student

Jeffrey Astorga

CAD Design Course Student

Barkin Ínal

CAD Design Course Student

Oriol Dachs Pérez

CAD Design Course Student

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