Aero Tech - CFD Analysis with Bramble Webinar

with Ivor Annetts (Group Leader, Bramble CFD Limited)

About the event

Join us for an exciting webinar featuring Bramble CFD, a cutting-edge, user-friendly computational fluid dynamics simulation platform revolutionising motorsport engineering.

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics to model aerodynamic performance, you will get to see how Bramble CFD empowers motorsport engineers to gain a competitive edge in real-life situations.

This webinar will focus on how the FIA used Computational Fluid Dynamics and Bramble to develop the current F1 technical regulations – don’t miss this chance to learn more about aero tech and CFD analysis with Bramble CFD! 

Register now and learn more about how you can accelerate your motorsport engineering innovations through the power of computational fluid dynamics.

About the speaker

Ivor Annetts

Group Leader at Bramble CFD Limited

Ivor has 19 years of experience in aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and software development.  He started his career as a CFD Engineer at BAR Honda F1 Team in 2004 before leaving to join TotalSim as its first employee in 2007.  TotalSim are a world renowned CFD consultancy specialising in automotive and motorsport projects.  Ivor worked as a CFD Engineer and then Project Lead on a range of applications including different tiers of motorsport from classic F1 to Le Mans prototypes and WRC.



In 2015, TotalSim started the development of database-driven CFD process that would allow our engineers to create and run simulations quickly and easily and also manage the large datasets that are generated.  This project became known as Bramble. Ivor took over the development and management of Bramble in 2017 and continues in this role today.



In 2022, Bramble CFD was spun out from TotalSim as a separate company providing Bramble not only to the TotalSim Group but external customers including famous OEM automotive companies, a range of motorsport teams and elite cycling squads.  The team has grown to 10 people including developers, HPC and CFD specialists.

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Ivor will be discussing Bramble’s founding and uses, and demonstrating how the software can be used and its applications in real-life scenarios. We will also discuss how Bramble has been utilised by the FIA. A Q&A session will follow.


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Ivor Annetts

Group Leader
Bramble CFD


Alissa Gildemann

Academic Coordinator
Motorsport Engineer

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