Aerodynamics Student Round Table - Batch 1

Featuring students from Motorsport Engineer's Aerodynamics Career Accelerator Program:
Lucie Zemanová, Alessio Giudice, and Carlos Martinez Segarra

Moderated by Motorsport Engineer staff

About the round table event

Join students from Motorsport Engineer’s Aerodynamics Accelerator Program to hear about the projects they have been working on! In this round table event, you will meet students from the course and see their work. Don’t miss this opportunity to see what the program has to offer!

In this round table, you’ll get to know more about our live online course, which teaches students aerodynamics concepts from an F1 standpoint using industry-leading CATIA 3DExperience and Bramble CFD.

During this session, you’ll get to see student projects and gain insight into the skills they have honed throughout the course.

After the round table, join us for a question & answer session to learn more! This round table event is an excellent opportunity to connect with talented engineers – we hope you can join us!

Quick Facts

What you should know


Alessio Giudice

Aerodynamics Course Student
Aerothermal CFD Engineer

Lucie Zemanová

Aerodynamics Course Student
Aero Development Engineer

Carlos Martinez Segarra

Aerodynamics Course Student
Aerospace Engineer


  1. Welcome and introduction to the round table 
  2. Overview of Aero CAP Course 
  3. Student presentations
  4. Q&A

About the Aerodynamics Course

Our Aerodynamics Career Accelerator Program (Aero CAP) will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of principles, theories, and applications of aerodynamics in Formula 1 racing.

In this live course, you’ll be creating aerodynamic designs, running them in CFD doing post-processing of the CFD results, and iterating designs to improve aero performance.

Learn aerodynamics directly from a former F1 aerodynamicist in this one-of-a-kind course!

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