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Have you ever wanted to learn with Motorsport Engineer? Well, now is your chance!


Our VIP Package is THE ULTIMATE MOTORSPORT EDUCATION PACKAGE. This annual membership package gives you access to every single course on our platform. Yes, that’s right. All courses are included in the VIP package. Not only that, you will have access to all the Premium Plans, meaning that you will take advantage form a number of benefits, including:

  • E-mail support
  • Certificate of completion for every course
  • Interaction with course leaders
  • Assignments
  • Watch lessons in any order
  • Assignment feedback
  • Video call with course leaders


If this was not enough… as you may be aware we are continuously launching new courses. Well, worry not because with our VIP Package you will also have exclusive early access to every new course we launch. That is right, you will be the first to access the course, before it is even on our platform, and you will not have to pay a single extra penny.

What this VIP Package gives you

  • Instant access to ALL COURSES (10)
  • Free access to ALL FUTURE COURSES
  • Certificate of Completion for every course
  • Assignments
  • Access to course leaders
  • Video calls with course leaders


This list comprises the courses we are currently working on, and their expected release date. Note that this list is subject to change, however we can confirm work is at least 50% complete as of July 2021 for every single course.

  • Composite Engineering in Formula 1, led by a former F1 engineer. Expected launch date – August 2021
  • Aerodynamics Design in F1 (II), Bodywork Design, led by Martin Buchan. Expected launch date – September 2021
  • Vehicle Dynamics with Matlab/Simulink, led by experienced Vehicle Dynamicist. Expected launch date – October 2021

When you acquire the VIP Package you will have early access to the above listed courses without paying any extra fees.


When we started Motorsport Engineer our goal was to close the gap between formal education and industry. We know the pain points Motorsport companies face when sourcing talent and thought that the way to solve their problems was to create a global platform that serves as a learning network connecting students with experienced professionals with a number of courses, webinars and resources.

Furthermore, there is a clear issue of barriers of access to education in the industry, where only those that are financially capable of relocating and studying in a select group of universities will have a clear competitive advantage. Our believe this is not aligned with diversity and inclusion targets set by organisations such as FOM and FIA, therefore we needed to take action and create a flexible learning platform that is engaging, affordable and is filled with top-class courses led by industry professionals.

Since our launch in Spring 2020 we have had over 3600 course enrolments and placed tens of students in Motorsport companies.

We have come a long way over the last few months, however there is still a lot more we want to do. This is why we are expanding our offer with this VIP Package, and more announcements will come in the near future. Stay tuned!


We are lucky of our loyal students. See here a selection of testimonials published publicly on LinkedIn:



  • Introduction to Motorsports
  • Making it to Formula 1
  • Motorsport Engineer
  • Next steps
  • And more…
  • Introduction to Data Engineering
  • Tools of a Data Engineer
  • How to Generate Data
  • How to View Data
  • Track Testing
  • Systems Performance
  • And more…
  • Formula E Overview
  • Cars and Rules
  • Pre-event and Simulation
  • Qualify and Super Pole
  • Race
  • Post-event
  • And more…
  • The role of an Aero Designer in F1
  • Designing a Side-Wing Element
  • Career Development
  • And more…
  • Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics
  • Vehicle Model
  • Tyre Model
  • Simulation
  • And more…
  • Introduction to Performance Engineering
  • Sensors and vehicle model
  • Pre-event, setup and simulation
  • Race weekend work and analysis
  • And more…
  • Key aspects of Race Car Aerodynamics
  • Introduction to Wind Tunnel Testing
  • Introduction to CFD in Formula 1
  • And more…
  • Track testing in a Formula 1 Season
  • Objectives of a track test
  • Case study of an aero track test
  • Instrumentation
  • And more…
  • Introduction to global sports business
  • Formula One deep dive
  • Does a brand need to partner a successful team?
  • And more…







€ 499.95


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Limited spaces available


Every course page has a section called “This course is for you if…”, detailing who the course is designed for. If you are unsure about a specific course, please get in touch with us at and we will be happy to provide further guidance.

Softwares required are included upon course acquisition unless otherwise specified. Where needed, we provide installation instructions.
Every course page has a section describing the syllabus. Furthermore, the detailed curriculum is also publicly available. Courses last between 4 to 8 hours, including guided lectures and individual work. Also, our courses are totally flexible and you can progress at your own pace.
Yes! A personalised certificate with your name and course subject will be provided once you successfully complete the course. This is a great way to show you have learnt from industry experts and allows you to differentiate from other engineers in the sector.
Our courses can be accessed indefinitely once acquired. We believe this is important as the content of the course you complete can be helpful at some point in your career.

If you are a group of students interested in one or more courses please contact us at

We are working hard to offer a series of courses grouped by specialist area (Aerodynamics, Composite Design, Vehicle Dynamics, etc). More details will be shared soon.

Networking is key for finding your way into any industry, and motorsport is not different. For this reason, we think that having the possibility to interact directly with instructors is vital. We have created a number of tools that will allow you to speak directly with our instructors during of the course through the platform.

Keep in mind that interesting questions will make you stand out!

Job hunting can be a stressful process filled with uncertainty. We offer a CV review process that is based on years of experience working in Formula 1 and other motorsport categories and recruiting the best talent for some of the greatest brands in the industry.

This is a private service offered on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in this, please send us an email to mentioning our CV review service and we will get back to you with all the information.

This is one of the most common questions we receive at our inbox.

There is not an answer that fits every single case, but here are some tips you can follow to achieve your goal.

1. Complete the Introductory Course available for free in our platform. It will give you a general idea of the motorsport industry.
2. Read our blog article 5 things every aspiring Formula 1 engineer should know.
3. Browse our Motorsport Academy for a course that catches your attention on the topic that you want to specialise in.
4. Feel free to contact us at should you require further assistance.

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