Vehicle Dynamics in F1

Learn the vehicle science behind F1 cars

Course Description

Aspiring vehicle dynamics engineers will learn how to model and refine car handling, braking, acceleration, and overall ride performance. This course offers an in-depth exploration of the core responsibilities of a vehicle dynamics engineer in a Formula 1 setting. Key areas of focus include mastering vehicle modelling, simulation methodologies and their correlation, utilizing specialized equipment like the 7-post shaker rig and K&C rig, and developing time simulation tools for assessing suspension performance.

To bridge theory and practice, the course integrates several case studies. These studies highlight the practical application of vehicle model theories, providing insights into the longitudinal, lateral, and vertical dynamics of Formula 1 cars. At the end of the course, students will apply these concepts in a final assignment.

About this course
  • 68 Lessons
  • Approximate time to complete course: 10 hours

Vehicle Dynamics in F1​

Self-Paced Course
  • Lifetime Access to course materials
  • Ask questions and get feedback from the instructor
  • Earn an industry-recognised course certificate
  • Learn at your own pace & watch lessons in any order
  • Quizzes and a final assignment included

What You'll Learn

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the role and work dynamics of a Vehicle Dynamics engineer in the Formula 1 environment
  • Understand the different tyre models used, their parameters and desired outcome
  • Show proficiency in the use of shaker and K&C rigs, essential tools in vehicle dynamics testing
  • Apply the techniques and methods learned in the course to create vehicle models and analyse the results

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Race Strategy
  • Pre-event strategy calculations
  • Fuel-based strategy calculations
  • Driver categorisation
  • Tyre compounds
  • Driving time based strategy calculations
  • Developing strategy over practice sessions
  • Finalising strategy plans

The course also includes quizzes and a practical final assignment that models working as a vehicle dynamics engineer in F1!

This course is for you if...

You are a student or professional with an interest in Vehicle Dynamics Science

You want to learn about specific Vehicle Dynamics Science techniques, methods and simulations in F1

You’re ready to boost your CV and start a career in Vehicle Dynamics

Course Reviews

Hear what students have to say about this course

Usama Masud
Read More
An amazing course with a lot of information. Looking forward to doing other courses as well.
Great Course
Lars Habermann
Read More
The Vehicle Dynamics in F1 course is covering a wide range of topics and giving a great understanding the tasks a vehicle dynamicists works on. The course gave me some good ideas, about which simulations can be built up and used to evaluate (also non-F1) car performance and how to further develop them. A good summary of the principles of longitudinal, lateral and vertical simulation shown previously was given in the final assignment.
Interesting Course!
Gregory Cottone
Read More
A very interesting course concerning the world of racing vehicle dynamics with some information difficult to find on internet or in books. I also would like to thank Motorsport Engineer for the great professionalism in delivering this course.
Unique Experience
Charlie Crawshaw
Read More
The course does a great job at covering many aspects of VD in the F1 domain- at present, the information online is scattered, so it was great to have Marc not only present all the relevant information in one place, but to validate my existing knowledge also. I thought the assignment provided a great opportunity to get hands-on with tasks and provide insight into the type of work done in industry. An opportunity to interact directly with Marc, and gain insight and feedback from a current professional in the top flight, is unique; and, something that I would highly recommend.
Superb Vehicle Dynamics Course!
Janne Määttä-Kemppainen
Read More
Marc is providing outstanding insights into vehicle dynamics from the basic theories to the highly valuable practices used in Formula 1. High recommendation of the course for anyone interested in vehicle dynamics and/or Formula 1 in general.
Spot on Title
Alex Irwin
Read More
Course was well developed and covered every topic in good detail.
Very Interesting
Giuseppe Maraglino
Read More
Very interesting and with a good teacher. I would recommend this course to everyone that has already a good knowledge of vehicle dynamics and is interested into F1. I also appreciated the part on the career path!
In-Depth Useful Modules
Marco Piano
Read More
A surefire way to improve vehicle dynamics knowledge and is best studied in conjunction with the aerodynamics courses if possible.
Very Good Course from Which I Learned a Lot
Minke Koomen
Read More
I really liked the course and learned a lot. The assignment was the right amount of challenging and really helped my overall understanding.

Meet your course instructor

Marc Ollé Bernades
F1 Performance Engineer

Marc has worked for Williams Racing Team as a Performance Engineer, developing and optimizing car balance for maximum performance. His role has been a blend of factory support and hands-on involvement at trackside events.

He began his academic journey with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). Marc further enhanced his qualifications with a Master of Science in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, followed by a Master of Science in Motorsport Engineering from Oxford Brookes University.

Marc embarked on his professional path in 2011 in the automotive sector, contributing to companies like Volvo, IDIADA, and McLaren Automotive. His transition to Motorsport brought him a wealth of experience. He has served as a Race and Vehicle Dynamics Engineer for a GT4 team, a Vehicle Dynamics and Simulation Engineer with Mahindra Racing in Formula E, and as a Performance Engineer for Williams Racing, showcasing his versatile engineering skills across various facets of the industry.

Marc has worked with

Vehicle Dynamics in F1​
Self-Paced Course


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Assignments and quizzes     ⓘ

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