Trackside Engineering in Formula E

Learn the secrets behind the innovative racing series at the forefront of electric mobility

Self-Paced Course

Approximately 10 Hours

43 Lessons

For all learners

Course Description

Formula E was launched in 2014 with the goal of accelerating the development of electric vehicles while offering an exciting spectacle in a way that hadn’t yet been done. The series incorporates many unique aspects, making it all the more exciting. Being aware of how Formula E differs from other more traditional series will help provide the foundation in which to succeed in the competition.

This course provides insight into trackside engineering in Formula E, exploring the many unique aspects of the series and giving guidance on how to tackle several challenges brought about by the world’s first all-electric single-seater championship. In doing so, the course provides valuable insight into aspects of both Performance Engineering and Race Strategy, exploring the specific elements that are unique to Formula E.

Trackside Engineering in Formula E

Self-Paced Course
  • Lifetime Access to course materials
  • Ask questions and get feedback from the instructor
  • Earn an industry-recognised course certificate
  • Learn at your own pace & watch lessons in any order
  • Quizzes and a final assignment included

What You'll Learn

  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the Formula E championship, including its structure and key components
  • Develop a keen insight into the specialized aspects of Trackside Engineering within the context of Formula E
  • Gain a clear understanding of the critical performance indicators in Formula E racing
  • Build knowledge on the organization and execution of Formula E sessions, including the strategic elements involved throughout a race event

Course Modules

Trackside Engineering in Formula E Course Images
  • Introduction to Formula E
  • The Formula E Car and Rules
  • Pre-Event and Simulation
  • Free Practice
  • Qualify & Super Pole
  • The Race
  • Post-Race Analysis

The course also includes quizzes, career advice and a practical final assignment that models working as a strategy or race engineer in Formula E racing.

This course is for you if...

You are a student or professional with an interest in Formula E or Trackside Engineering

You want to learn about the specifics of Trackside Engineering methods and tasks in Formula E

You’re ready to boost your CV and start an engineering-related career in Formula E

Course Reviews

See what students have to say about this course

Superb Insight Into Formula E
Marco Piano
Read More
Rui delivers an all-encompassing course, explaining all the subtle nuances related to the electrified championship, with some challenging assignments and great feedback to keep students on track.
So Valuable and Relevant!
Tamsin Cracknell
Read More
This course was comprehensive, logically structured and used great illustrative examples from actual past races. The instructor is excellent at explaining the complexities of Formula E as a series that is completely different from any other motorsport. His experience and credibility are obvious.

Meet your course instructor

Rui Alves
Rui Alves
Strategy Engineer

Rui worked as a Strategy Engineer at Audi Sport Formula E, helping the team devise plans to ensure success on track, and extract the most performance out of the cars.

With a Mechanical Engineering degree from Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon, Portugal), Rui started his professional career in 2006 with ASM as a GT Race Engineer. Since then, Rui has acquired substantial experience as a Data and Performance Engineer in various categories of motorsport.

Rui has joined Formula E at its inception back in 2014. He spent the inaugural season with Venturi Racing, before joining up with Audi Sport Abt from 2015-2020, operating under the title of Strategy Engineer.

Since 2020, Rui has worked as a Mechanical Engineer with Tula Labs, as a strategy engineer with ABT Sportsline GmbH, and is currently a Strategy Engineer for Endurance Races with PACETEQ GmbH.

Rui has worked with

Ocean Racing
Addax team
Venturi Formula E team
Audi Sport ABT Formula E

Trackside Engineering in Formula E
Self-Paced Course


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Assignments and quizzes     ⓘ

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