Ramon’s Journey: from Formula Student to Bold Valuable

Today we bring you an interview with Ramon Compañó Hontangas, a Motorsport Engineer student who works at Bold Valuable Tech. He tells us about his journey to his current job and advice for aspiring engineers!

Hailing from Berga, Barcelona, Spain, Ramon is a mechanical and motorsport engineer. Ramon has built his experience through not only his studies, but by investing in his passion for motorsport in courses and hands-on opportunities as well.

Formula Student Cars from Ramon’s time at Dynamics UPC

Meet Ramon

Ramon’s journey to working as a graduate mechanical design engineer began when he joined Dynamics UPC Manresa, a Formula Student team in the aerodynamics and composites department. 

“My role was to design, simulate and manufacture bodywork and aerodynamic devices including their moulds,” he says.

Ramon and his team’s hard work paid off! They earned a second-place finish in Formula Student Netherlands in 2018.

Ramon with some of Dynamics UPC Manresa’s Formula Student trophies

Educational Pursuits – in and out of the classroom

Ramon earned a BSc in Mechanical Industrial Engineering, followed by an MSc in Motorsport Engineering.

He stresses that his learning didn’t only happen in the lecture halls – in addition to being part of his university Formula Student team, he was involved in a project to design a Shell Eco-marathon vehicle. “I designed the bodywork and steering system,” Ramon says, and it allowed him to visualise his learning in a new way.

Ramon also completed an internship with the Teo Martin Motorsport Team, where he got to work with racing and performance engineers.

Bold Adventures

Fast forward to his role at Bold Valuable, where Ramon is a graduate mechanical design engineer in the Applied Engineering department. 

Ramon tells us that his day-to-day tasks involve “designing and modifying car components and parts” for Hypercars and motorsport vehicles. He also gets to “create drawings for their manufacture.”

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Motorsport Engineer Magic

What’s one of the secrets behind Ramon’s success? Motorsport Engineer’s CAD Design Career Accelerator Program. This turbocharged course not only polished his design skills but also demystified the intricate world of Formula 1 components and the roles within.

“This course helped me to understand the best way to design all the parts of Formula 1 and other motorsport cars” he tells us. 

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Educational Foundations

Ramon reflects on the importance of education, citing experiences like the CAD Design CAP course and his time as part of Formula Student as the bedrock of his career. It’s not just about earning a degree; it’s about gearing up for the challenges that projects throw your way.

“I think every experience I have had has helped me get to where I am now. But the ones I consider to have been most influential are the CAD Design CAP course in Motorsport Engineering, my MSc in Motorsport Engineering and being a part of the Formula Student team,” Ramon says.

Ramon at his internship with the Teo Martin Motorsport Team

Working at Bold

For Ramon, his work at Bold Valuable is more than just a job. He raves about the friendly environment and teammates who are always ready to lend a helping hand. 

As for the work itself? Ramon tells us that the projects aren’t just interesting; they’re a plunge into the exciting world of Hypercars and Motorsport.

Ramon at work

Tips from Ramon

Ramon’s got some words of wisdom for future engineers – it’s all about dedicating yourself, following your passion, and keeping up-to-date on new technologies. His journey from a student to a mechanical design engineer is proof that hard work pays off.

His advice can be summed up in just a few words: “If you work hard, you can reach your goals.”

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