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Hello and welcome!

Today is the start of something REALLY exciting. We are starting our blog within The Motorsports Engineers Network. And why are we excited about the blog? Let’s start by explaining who we are.

The Motorsports Engineers Network

As you have made it to this blog post, you might already know a little bit about us. But let me take this opportunity to explain a little bit on what this network is about.

– Who we are

We are a group of engineers specialised in the field of motorsports. Specifically, most of the professionals within our network have been working in Formula 1 during several years, and many others have experience in other amazing racing series like WEC, DTM and Dakar Rally.

– What we do

You would not expect it any other way. Most of our schedule is full working for Formula 1 teams and other leading motorsports organisations, including companies in the supply chain.

However, as we have created this network to formally gather this collective of inspiring and passionate professionals in one single place during these times of uncertainty triggered by the COVID-19 global pandemic, we believe in the opportunity that we are presented with, in which we can join forces and help one another with professional, sharing, and learning opportunities. Here is a brake down into each of the categories:

Professional opportunities

The motorsports industry is such a private club. Anyone who has tried to make it into Formula 1 as a youngster knows this very well. In spite of such general opacity, opportunities do exist.

And given the times we are living in, in which many engineering consultants (aka contractors) have been sent home at short notice, and teams and companies have been forced to furlough staff, we are here to help – and we want to help.

If you have sadly been left without a project or job, do get in touch with us sending an email to We are compiling a list of names of professionals who are looking for new opportunities.

We must help each other. And we will do so by making the right connections only. Remember, we are engineers too, and we believe in privacy and your own interests.

Equally, if you are an employer, hiring manager or a recruitment agency with employment opportunities, also get in touch with us at

Sharing opportunities

– Become an instructor

I am sure you know this, but your experience and your knowledge has a ton of value. We are starting an online Motorsports Academy with instructors who come from F1/Motorsports teams exclusively.

Becoming an instructor with us is a perfect way to position yourself as an industry expert, connecting with an audience that is passionate, eager to learn and have a chance in the industry, while generating some passive income out of your knowledge.

Reach out to us at if you are interested and would like to find out more on this.

– Become a mentor

We hear you – you love the idea of helping out. However, you work for a Formula 1 team, and for contractual reasons you cannot commit to any lucrative activity outside your job.

Well, worry not. We constantly engage with brilliant students who are working really hard to start a career in Formula 1. For this reason, we have started a mentorship program.

We connect engineering students and graduates from all over the world with Formula 1 professionals who can help with guidance and mentoring when it comes to incredibly hard decisions like choosing engineering studies and navigating a job application process.

This is an amazing opportunity to give back to society with your experience, and with minimal effort. Contact us at to learn more on this.

Learning opportunities

Formula 1, and the motorsports industry in general, is an exciting place to work. It is also true, however, that there are occasions in which people choose to take a different career direction, and this can be a rather scary and a difficult call to make.

You are probably wondering what to do next. Change, to you, might mean relocating, a different industry and job role you have never had before. And you might be researching on your options, including gaining new skills in fields like management consulting, finance, machine learning or blockchain technology.

We have been there, and we can help you.

We are connected with educational institutions, start ups and tech hubs, and we will be happy to accompany you in this journey of discovery by introducing you to the right people, so you can make an educated decision and make this change a success.

Email us at for a confidential chat.

What’s next?

This is only the beginning.

And you can help us.

Regardless of who you are – a student, an engineer, a recruiter, we invite you to help us help you in these difficult times and in the future.

Follow us on social media, email us, engage with us.

We would love to hear from you.

Until then… stay healthy, stay safe.

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