Introduction to Partnership Marketing in Formula 1

A bitesize guide to global sports marketing and the commercial environment of Formula 1

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Thought Provoking and Engaging
Marc Seitz
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Gary brings a wealth of relevant content and case studies to helping students understanding marketing in Formula 1. This course has facilitated an excitement to go beyond the course material and understand how I might fit into this sport. A special note, the homework assignment were deliberately engaging and insightful - not something you see everday!
A great introduction!
Luiz Sampaio Athayde Neto
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Although, as an Automotive Engineer, I don't have much interest in marketing, management, statistics, and that stuff. But in Brazil, many universities have some modules related to that in their engineering programs, so I was already familiarized with it. And, if you are at this field of study and want to understand how marketing works in motorsport and F1, you must take this course. Gary is fantastic, very kind, and very experienced. Basically, I couldn't expect less from Motorsport Engineer Thank you, Luiz.
Great course!
Guadalupe Altamirano Fernández
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In my eagerness to combine my financial/administrative career with my passion, which is motorsports, is I'm looking to have more knowledge about at which points do both topics synergize; and I must say that this course has helped me a lot. Thanks to Gary Rosewell and Motorsport Engineer, for sharing the knowledge gained in their years of F1 experience.
Mohammad Reza Izady
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It was informative and really well presented. As an engineer gained a good understanding of the marketing side of Formula one.
Fantastic course!
Luigi Pandoz
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The course is really well done and conveys the right notions to get even more passionate about the subject. Gary is really prepared and conveys great passion and enthusiasm in his lessons full of interesting elements. The topics are treated flawlessly and rich in data, while the assignments are very useful thanks to the valuable feedback of the instructor. I highly recommend this course to those who, like me, have the dream of working in Formula One.
Very good!
Pedro Esteves Afonso
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As a Marketing student this course was really useful to get a deeper understanding on how partnership marketing works in F1 and its advantages. Great content.
Fantastic course!
Peeyush Javale
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Partnership Marketing is a fantastic course. It shows the commercial side of the Formula 1, and gives a deeper understanding of how Partnership activation is done in sport. This course also gives incites of sports business and different roles and opportunities available in the industry. Everything is put together really well with case studies discussions which makes it even more interesting. I would highly recommend this to everyone, as there is a lot to learn. Thanks a lot .... Gary Rosewell and Motorsport Engineer.

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Gary Rosewell

Passionate about sport and international relations, Gary has worked in global sports business for over 10 years, collaborating with a diverse array of senior technical, sporting and business professionals.

After several grass-roots marketing roles post university, Gary interned with Dutch banking group – ING – on the much celebrated ‘ING Renault F1 Program’ from 2008-2009. This cemented his desire to pursue a career in the sport and, after completing his Masters at the University of Bristol, he secured a support role with the commercial acquisitions department at Renault F1 Team in 2010.

From there he has enjoyed roles with PRISM, a WPP owned specialist sports marketing agency based in London, working across the INFINITI Motorsport account with Red Bull Racing and Renault Sport F1. Since 2017, he has found his footing as an independent with Sport 176, providing freelance activation services to, among others, PRISM, Threshold Sports and Crunch Communications. At the latter, he Account Directed PETRONAS Motorsport in 2019 with World Champions, Mercedes F1.

If not working, you’ll find him playing sports, trekking overseas or halfway through a Netflix documentary!

Gary has either worked directly for or supported the following organizations and projects:
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nissan logo infinity red bull logo  crunch logo Petronas logo Mclaren logo

Course curriculum

Gary tells us about his course FREE PREVIEW
A conversation with Gary Rosewell (full version)
Message from the instructor
My professional background and a look ahead
Module 1 – Test
Setting the scene: global sports business in context
Global sales and the race for emotions
Why sponsorship?
Partnership vs Sponsorship: What does it mean?
Module 2 – Test
Break – Bonus lesson
Commercial depth and scale
Mercedes reaping the rewards
Renault – long term activation specialists
Marketing activation agencies
Module 3 – Test
Module 3 – Assignment
ING Renault F1 Program – background and overview
Partnership selection and business ethos
Marketing teams and roles uncovered
People skills
Where engineering meets marketing
Module 5 – Test
Module 5 – Assignment
The tip of the iceberg…
RAPID growth, HUGE investments
A way to go for Formula One Esports
Module 6 – Test
Resources and recommended readings

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