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Internship Opportunities through Motorsport Engineer

Motorsport Engineer is driven by a passion for nurturing the next generation of industry professionals. With decades of experience in the dynamic world of motorsport, we understand the critical importance of identifying and nurturing emerging talent.

Our commitment to excellence in motorsport engineering drives us to seek out individuals who possess the skills, creativity, and dedication needed to excel in this high-speed, precision-driven field. Through our Internship Program, we recommend young engineers and technicians for internships at leading companies.

Through this program, we not only support the dreams and aspirations of aspiring motorsport enthusiasts but also ensure a steady talent pipeline that will keep the industry at the forefront of technological advancements and competitive edge. At Motorsport Engineer, we believe that talent knows no bounds, and our Internship Program is a testament to our commitment to pushing the limits of innovation in motorsport engineering. Join us in shaping the future of engineering!

The Motorsport Internship Program continuously seeks agreements with leading companies in the industry

Get career coaching and demonstrate your skills to be matched with an internship that interests you!

Internships are excellent opportunities to learn new skills and improve existing ones

Current Opportunities

Bold Valuable Tech (Barcelona, Spain) provides engineering and design services for automotive, aerospace and motorsport sectors and High Voltage Battery Systems for high performance applications.

Have a look at how you can apply for a paid 6-month internship with Bold Valuable Tech.

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