Navigating the Road from Education to Engineering: A Conversation with Doron from Bold Valuable Tech

We had the pleasure of speaking with Doron, a Graduate Composite Design Engineer at Bold Valuable Tech, to discuss his journey from his studies to his current role working with projects involving Hypercars and Formula 1.

Doron driving a Formula 3000 car at Bedford Autodrome
Doron driving a Formula 3000 car at Bedford Autodrome

About Doron

Doron holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Motorsport Engineering from a UK university. 

Doron is currently pursuing a second master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. When speaking about his studies, he emphasised the importance of selecting courses that align with his interests: “I try to choose modules in my studies that interest me. Next semester I’ll be taking some modules related to my job. I’m really looking forward to them!” 

The Formula Student Experience

Doron’s educational journey hasn’t been limited to textbooks and lectures. Through his participation with Formula Student, he got hands-on understanding, too. 

Doron especially enjoyed contributing to the design of a composite bodywork for a racing vehicle chassis. His commitment has extended to supervising final projects, an experience he found immensely rewarding.

The Role of Education in Engineering

For Doron, education is not just a means to an end; it’s a foundation for a fulfilling career. 

“I believe it is possible to build a strong foundation and have amazing experiences and knowledge before you secure your first job,” he says. 

We here at Motorsport Engineer agree – education empowers individuals to shape their desired career path!

Designs from Doron’s composites portfolio

Motorsport Engineer’s Impact on Doron’s Career

After a stint of job hunting post-Master’s graduation, Doron came across a job posting from Bold Valuable Tech after completing the Composite Design Engineering in F1 course from Motorsport Engineer. 

“In the CAD assessment part of the interview process for Bold, I was amazed at how the syllabus and the final assignment from the Composites course helped me to feel confident in my CAD skills,” Doron shares.

Doron has been working at Bold for some time now and has been in two different departments.

“When I joined Bold, I started in the Formula 1 department, where I designed tooling for Formula 1 cars using CATIA 3DExperience,” he says. 

Doron now works in the Hypercars department. In his current role, he gets to “use CATIA and collaborate with CAE engineers, which is very interesting!”

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Bold’s Dynamic Environment

Bold Valuable Tech has proved to be more than just a workplace for Doron. “Bold is an amazing company to work for. In addition to the great atmosphere, the number of talented people I work alongside is inspiring,” he tells us.  

The Formula 1 and Hypercars departments have become arenas where he exercises his skills in designing tooling and composite panels. 

In addition, Doron speaks highly of the collaborative spirit at the company: “Every day at Bold, I face new challenges. I also learn new things constantly. I appreciate that my coworkers and team lead provide guidance – when I ask for help, people are happy to do so.”

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Balancing Education and Full-time Work

Doron attributes his successful juggling act of full-time work and studies to the environment at Bold Valuable Tech. At Bold, he says, personal growth is not just encouraged; it’s a part of the daily routine.

“I’m passionate about learning and education,” Doron tells us, “and Bold is very supportive of that.” Doron has been able to take additional courses and work on his second master’s degree while working full-time.

The Impact of Additional Courses

Doron took Motorsport Engineer’s CAD Design Career Accelerator Program over the summer. The program, taught by Martin Buchan, proved transformative in his approach to CAD modelling. 

“So many of the tips and tricks that Martin taught us are invaluable!” Doron emphasises, highlighting the practicality of the lessons and assignments. 

“I use what I learned in the CAD Design course on a daily basis,” Doron says. “I’m really happy I took the course!”

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The Importance of a Portfolio

Doron strongly advocates that engineers should maintain a portfolio that showcases their work. His portfolio includes a compilation of university projects, Formula Student contributions and Composites course assignments. Doron is confident that his portfolio played a pivotal role in securing his position at Bold.

Since taking the CAD design course at Motorsport Engineer, he has been able to add his designs from that course to his portfolio as well!

Advice for Aspiring Engineers

Doron’s advice for aspiring engineers is clear – identify your passion, focus on honing your skills during your studies, and leverage online platforms like Motorsport Engineer for additional learning.

“Continue learning! It will lead you to more opportunities, and you will get to practise what you really love doing,” he encourages.

Final Thoughts

Doron’s journey exemplifies the interconnected relationship between education and professional success. His story serves as inspiration for those aspiring to carve their niche in the industry.

Education, dedication, and a passion for learning are key to unlocking opportunities in the field of engineering.

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