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About Motorsport Engineer

Motorsport Engineer is an online learning platform dedicated to providing exclusive learning opportunities, webinars and courses for those aspiring to work within the competitive field of motorsport.


We connect Formula 1 professionals with students worldwide to spread knowledge and help talented individuals unlock the next phase of their careers. Since our inception, we have helped thousands of people worldwide increase their knowledge and develop their skill sets.


Furthermore, our dedicated careers advice service has been instrumental in helping graduates and young professionals find their dream job in Motorsport.


Our mission is to break down barriers and aid the development of the next generation of Motorsport Engineers.

Referral Program

Leading companies want to hire Motorsport Engineer students! Take a look at these roles and, if you feel you are a competitive candidate, we can refer you for a role.

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Bold Valuable Tech

Bold Valuable Tech (Barcelona, Spain) provides engineering and design services for automotive, aerospace and motorsport sectors and High Voltage Battery Systems for high performance applications.

Our Courses Include:

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