5 Documentaries & Series Every Formula 1 Enthusiast Should Watch

Over the years, Formula 1 has been filled with a range of emotions, including thrilling successes and heart-wrenching tragedies. Numerous attempts have been made to portray the essence of the sport on film, but only a select few truly succeeded in capturing the qualities that make this championship so iconic. For any avid Formula 1 enthusiast, here are five must-watch documentaries and series that have achieved this feat.

Valuable Experiences

Every kind of documentary and series serves as an excellent resource for individuals seeking knowledge about the history and the groundbreaking developments that have influenced the sport. They present a detailed exploration of Formula 1, elucidating on the various figures who have played a pivotal role in its triumphs. Watching these shows can be captivating and informative, providing invaluable insights into the hurdles teams face.

In addition, these serve as valuable tools for upcoming industry professionals to comprehend the significance of teamwork and cooperation. They also aid in understanding the effort and commitment required to excel in this field. 

Number 1: Drive To Survive

The most notable option is Netflix’s Drive to Survive for many reasons. Beyond its mediatic impact, it offers exclusive, behind-the-scenes coverage of Formula 1 teams and drivers, making you stay glued to the screen. The series provides a unique perspective on the races and the people behind them, delivering viewers a rare opportunity to witness the inner workings of the sport. Although some existing fans have criticised the show for its creative interpretation of certain events and dramatisation of others, it is a formidable introduction to this ground for new enthusiasts.

Number 2: Senna

This captivating documentary delves into the remarkable life and devastating passing of the legendary Formula 1 champion, Ayrton Senna. His intense rivalry with the reigning champion at the time, Alain Prost, has deeply covered his journey on and off the track, including his three world championships. Viewers will see Senna’s unwavering determination to fight against the political influences in Formula 1, cementing his status as a superstar. Despite his inspirational and occasionally ruthless demeanour on the track, Senna was a spiritual and humble individual who showed a lot of compassion for his homeland Brazil. One of the darkest moments in history cut Senna’s life short at 34. Many millions of people worldwide witnessed that tragic accident at Imola that marked an era forever. Even decades later, Ayrton Senna remains widely regarded as the best driver in the sport’s history.

Number 3: Schumacher

This documentary presents a detailed account of Michael Schumacher’s phenomenal life and racing career through archival footage and exclusive interviews. As a seven-time F1 champion, Schumacher’s persistence over adversity garnered him a global following of millions. Despite his public persona, Schumacher remained a private individual with a deep commitment to perfection and an unyielding fighting spirit. While his insecurities and self-doubt occasionally show a more sensitive side, his story concentrates on the family. The documentary does a commendable job of recounting Schumacher’s racing achievements, including his glorious era with Ferrari and the dedication of his first title to the late Ayrton Senna in 1994.

Number 4: Williams

Williams is a must-watch documentary portraying the team’s journey from consistent championship winners to struggling contenders. As the mastermind behind the Williams team, Frank Williams revolutionised the sport and led them to secure nine constructors’ world titles during the 1980s and 1990s. The documentary expounds on the economic and political factors that defied Williams’ ability to compete at the top and how Frank’s daughter, Claire Williams, strives to maintain the family legacy in the racing world. Although the documentary evokes mixed emotions, it is an important piece that sheds light on the changes that have transpired in the sport since the team’s inception decades ago.

Number 5: Race To Perfection

Race to Perfection chronicles the evolution of Formula 1, highlighting the hazards associated with it over time. The documentary features comprehensive interviews with world champions such as Jackie Stewart and Lewis Hamilton and delves into the brilliance and motivation that propels those who are committed to it. Short and sweet, this is another impeccably crafted documentary worth every bit of your time.

Final Thoughts

For any Formula 1 enthusiast, watching documentaries and series related to the sport is a must-do activity. It not only gives a better understanding of the sport but also provides an inside look into the lives of the drivers and teams. Each grants a  perspective on the sport and its history. From teams’ rises and falls to the tragic loss of legendary drivers, these documentaries depict the highs and lows of the sport. Hence, being open to watching these documentaries is a great way to deepen your obsession with Formula 1.

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